About Us

Pommersdorf, May 2020


I would like to introduce myself to you and tell you something about my life, which has taken a rather adventurous course lately. My name is Winston and I am a seven years old Schnauzer- or whatever mix. I came from the Vienna Animal Shelter to my present family, called family Wagner. Of course, I like my initials WW (Winston Wagner) very much. When I came here six years ago, I settled in well and fast. My mum is Pia. She is sixteen years old and she is not at home often because she goes to school and does a lot of sport and music. Because of this it has been often very boring at home. I could only chase cats or cuddle with them. For which reason ever Pia and her mum Regina do not like me chasing them at all. But they all know that I am the boss of the farm. I take care of law and order at horses, pigs and all the other animals and I pay attention that no stranger comes in unquestioned.

At one normal day I was bored after breakfast (which is a far too small serving in my opinion) and spent the day as always. Regina suddenly came with a strange creature. She often brought other animals with her and they stayed at our yard but something like that I have not seen yet. First I could only identify that we will have a little black ball of wool visiting us now. It smelled like a dog, so like my kind but it still looked like it a ball of black wool. It was all very suspicious to me. That is why I decided to completely ignore this all for the moment. However, since it did not disappear from the farm, I decided to snuffle at it and try to get in contact with it. My person said me consistently that I need to be attentive and careful because it would be a puppy. So it is a puppy, I hardly had been in contact with puppies and I had actually planned not to intensify it with this puppy. Strangely this puppy stayed with us a long time, so I had no choice but to make friends with him.
I have never understood why but this ever-growing ball of wool was probably my new companion from now on. We understood each other better after time and I need to admit that I was happy not to be alone all day long. We also made a lot of trips to show the little one everything. Did I mention that it is a HER at all? The humans call her Cia vom Burgerwald but more often Tessa. I just do not understand why she has two names and I only have one but Cia vom Burgerwald is possibly her ‘kennel name’. Well, maybe you understand what that should mean. I am settled for Tessa.

So Tessa, our new family member brought a lot of action and fun in my daily routine. At the beginning everything was great and I have been keeping an eye on this little thing from time to time but gradually she always became taller. I saw right away that she can pretend with her puffing fur like she would be much taller as she is in reality but if she swims she is not able to cheat at all. Before and after the jump into water she looks like a completely other dog. But it is kind of cute. Such a sweet shag.

Okay, everything is going fantastic so far. We have arranged well and both of us were happily when we were faced with something new. I had a Déjà-vu. It started with a normal day when suddenly the humans – who would have thought that – brought a second scraggy puppy with them (now I already knew that it is a puppy and no ball of wool). Again we were allowed to snuffle carefully and we need to play with her with caution. I already had something bad in mind. This puppy would also stay at our farm. I was a little bit aggrieved that I would be not good enough for my mum. But it turned out that I will still have my mum for me and Regina dedicates herself to Tessa.
The third in alliance, Nuphar´s Note To Self as kennel name, but also called Emma had the privilege to get Tim as dad. Tim is the brother of Pia and son of Regina. We spend a lot of time in our group of six and lately I could not even remember the time before the twos.

Everything is fun together and we explore many lakes, hiking trails and restaurants in our area. The balls of wool often let me at home alone. They say that they are driving to a dog show (I do not know what that means) or they drive to a dog school (I was there too with my mum some years ago and I can still remember a bit of that time).What I really like now is that we get a lot of attention wherever we are. Other humans always ask our boss Regina what kind of dogs we are and if the two others are siblings. The answer is always: “No, they are no siblings. The one, Tessa, is from Germany and the other one, Emma, is from the Netherlands. Both of them are Barbets better known as French Waterdogs.” In fact I do not get that much attention but I can understand this because the other ones stand out more with their cuddly fur.

Afterwards our life did not change that much. The small ones which have become bigger than me because of their fur in the meanwhile also really like to nose at everything, play with a ball and hunt cats (our favourite activity) or cuddle with them. There are also always new specific characters on our farm, like a new born dwarf goat. Sure I am not allowed to hunt her but I am allowed to play with her but even then the humans grumble with me if I am playing too furious. At the beginning if a new animal arrives there are always little troubles with approaching each other and we are only allowed to visit them together with the humans. But we dogs get along quite well with all sorts of other creatures and therefrom there are a lot at our farm (sheep, goats, pigs, horses, cats, chicken and also llamas).

Some days are really exciting and other days not that much happens – but one thing is guaranteed – there are enough adventures with us!

Yours Winston