litter planning


At the end of 2020, at the beginning of 2021 we were allowed to raise Tessa’s first litter. The photos can be found under the register Puppies. In the Facebook album F-litter you will find pictures of raising the litter and constantly pictures of the dogs with the new owners. If you want to see them, click here.


On September 22, 2021 nine healthy puppies were born. For details, please refer to the tab Puppies / G-Litter. All puppies are already taken.


On June 15th, 2022, five healthy puppies were born. Please viewthe Puppies/H-litter tab for details. You can see pictures of the puppies here via Facebook.


Emma gave us 8 healthy puppies on Whit Monday, 29.5.2023 – 5 males and 3 females, 4 sand-colored and 4 black.


Only 24 hours later, on 30.5.2023 Tessa made us happy with 7 healthy puppies – 3 males, 4 females, 1 brown, 6 black.